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Black Walnut


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This razor handle was handcrafted by Robert Quinn from Black Walnut which grows widely throughout North America along areas of the East Coast from Florida to Maine. Walnut sapwood is very creamy white in color, while the heartwood, ranging in color from light to a rich, dark brown, and matures to an almost purplish-black hue. Walnut often carries characteristically dark brown or purplish streaks. In order to minimize the color contrast of sapwood, Walnut is often steamed at the mill. Walnut is a popular wood for high-end furniture and cabinets, especially in combination with lighter woods to produce decorative effects. In the United States, it is the standard wood for rifle butts and gun stocks.

This razor handle is 3.25 inches long and weighs 1.4 ounces.

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Razor Options:

3-Piece Razor Handle Only, Add Edwin Jagger Straight Bar Head, Add Merkur Open Comb Head, Add Merkur Straight Bar Head, Add Muhle Open Comb Head – R41, Add Muhle Straight Bar Head – R89, Fit to a Merkur 34C (Straight Bar), Fit to a Merkur 37C (Slant)