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Brown Mallee Burl with Blue/Purple Neo-Resinate


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This razor handle was handcrafted by Robert Quinn from Mallee Burl, which is a “scrubland vegetation” or “bush” that is common in many parts of Australian wetlands and savannahs.  At harvest, the Mallee tree delivers a host of valuable products aside from eucalyptus oil, such as activated charcoal (the most important component of most of the world’s air and water filters).  Beginning with Aboriginal people who used eucalyptus oil for medicinal purposes, eucalyptus has a long history as a beneficial plant. Early colonists in New South Wales observed this and began to harvest and export the oil in the 1800′s. It was the first export of that colony.  The voids or inclusions are a natural part of burled wood and have all been fully sealed to insure the handle is waterproof.  This handle features a contrasting blue and purple resin to make this visually stunning piece.

This razor handle is 3.875 inches long and weighs 1.6 ounces.

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Razor Options:

3-Piece Razor Handle Only, Add Edwin Jagger Straight Bar Head, Add Merkur Open Comb Head, Add Merkur Straight Bar Head, Add Muhle Open Comb Head – R41, Add Muhle Straight Bar Head – R89, Fit to a Merkur 38C (Straight Bar), Fit to a Merkur 39C (Slant)


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