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Golden Pheasant




The handle is made from a poured acrylic resin surrounding the feathers of a Golden Pheasant   They are native to the mountain forests of China, but have established wild populations throughout the world.  The name comes from the male’s beautiful red and gold plumage.

This unique handle was cast by John Underhill, an award winning feather artist and resin caster.  Each feather is painstakingly placed prior to casting in crystal clear acrylic resin.  This is truly a “one of a kind” piece as, just like snowflakes, each feather has a different pattern, color shade and character.

This razor handle is 3.25 inches long and weighs 1.4 ounces.

Please note that all the feathers in this handle were acquired from domestic, pen-raised birds and are 100% legal.  All the required tags and permits have been obtained.

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Razor Options:

3-Piece Razor Handle Only, Add Edwin Jagger Straight Bar Head, Add Merkur Open Comb Head, Add Merkur Straight Bar Head, Add Muhle Open Comb Head – R41, Add Muhle Straight Bar Head – R89, Fit to a Merkur 34C (Straight Bar), Fit to a Merkur 37C (Slant)


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